UI Design and UX Design

Community Mobile App for people to trade their times instead of money


Aim of the project was creating an app that enables people to get help in exchange for the hours they help others. Users can show their talents, search for other people with certain skills, make appointments with them and rate each other.

This was a concept designed and never got developed.

My Role

I designed the User Experience as well as User Interface of the app. I was responsible of the research, strategy, ideation, wireframes and user interface design.

Discover: User Research

Because the target audience is quite wide, from young people to old, included many different occupations and backgrounds, I interviewed many different people and created 3 different personas.

I defined what tasks users need to accomplish and what they needed in order to do them. Users tasks such as;

-Search for skills,
-Sort by proximity or rating,
-Send proposals,
-Send messages,
-Rate users,
-Create profile

Ideation: Scope, Information Architecture, User Flows

I spent time to brainstorm ideas on how to let the user to achieve their goals. I worked on scope, user flows and structure in general.

Iteration: Sketches, Wireframes, Prototyping

I brainstormed on wireframes on paper before iterating. I used Balsamiq Mockups to create wireframes and a basic prototype. I tried different iterations with user tests until I found the right ones.

UI Design

I designed UI elements first and got them together as screens.


Timebank was my first app I designed properly from start to end. What I learned from this project is that no products can be designed without research and thinking over solutions thoroughly.

If I had known what I know now and I had to design Timebank now, I would totally design the home page differently, spent more time to over design strategy and implement gamification to increase user engagement.